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Brave Party Printables Giveaway

Brave Party Printables Giveaway |

HAVE YOU SEEN OUR BRAVE PARTY??? CLICK HERE TO VIEW!! OUR BRAVE BEAR CLAW CUPCAKES – CLICK HERE TO VIEW!! We are giving away to 1 lucky winner digital files for you to print for your upcoming Brave party.  These above sample 7 files can be customizable to you.  Here is how Page #- 1-…

Brave Movie – Bear Claw Cupcakes


**WIN THESE BRAVE PRINTABLES!!! GIVEAWAY ENDS 2/28/13 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!!!*** My daughter keeps celebrating her birthday all month long. I wanted to make bear claw cupcakes for her party that I posted earlier this month — CLICK HERE TO SEE BRAVE PARTY However we made a cake for her party. She then wanted to…

Brave Movie Party – Princess Merida & Friends – Scottish Themed Birthday


My little girl turned 8. That’s a big thing in our household   Being 8 is Great!! We originally planned on not having a party. Because she would be Baptized this year. However we had to postpone it for family reasons and it will be in a few months. So we had to do something…

Class Gift – Teacher Appreciation


This was a very easy gift to make. We collected money from parents to purchase a gift card to the teachers favorite restaurant. Green bucket came from the 1.00 section of Target Floral Foam Kraft Paper Shreds from Dollar Tree Wood Skewers Favorite Gift Card Flowers were cut out on the silhouette. Green Gift card…

CTR – Baptism Towel


A special guy was Baptized this past weekend. We were so excited for him and his family!! Chad and I wanted to create a special gift. We have made this in the past but never took photos to share with our bloggers. So I made sure this time to take pictures. We have a professional…

Go Gators – Gator Birthday Party


  My son turned 12 in October. He didn’t want a theme for his birthday party. He decided for his main gift was to just go to a local theme park for the day instead of having a party. But– this mom– can’t let the day go by without some decorations. So the day before…

Puppy Party – Invite & Thank You


I believe this will finally wrap up everything we did for the birthday party. WHEW.   Alot of work but tons of fun!!! I seriously am already thinking ahead for next years party   I have an idea.. but I will give myself a few months off. HAHA Here is the invitation we mailed out…

Puppy Party- Puppy Cupcakes


These puppy cupcakes were so easy.  We had planned to do something else but once I saw how adorable the Scooby-Doo Graham Cracker Sticks were for the bones. We kept it simple. Chad baked from Food Network – Chocolate Chip & Mascarpone Cupcakes & frosted/piped on a simple vanilla buttercream frosting they were soooo good….

Puppy Party – Push Pups


I so badly wanted to use my push pop containers for the birthday party. So I made these “PUSH PUPS” Filled them with chocolate covered raisins. Added this sticker to it- Click Here To Download I simply printed them on a 8 1/2 x 11 full size sheet of address labels by Avery. Then punched…

Puppy Party – Paint Swatch Bunting


The green / blue / brown bunting was so easy to make. Simply got paint swatch samples from our local home improvement store. (We asked before we took- the nice thing to do) Cut each swatch into a triangle and punched a hole in each corner We then threaded bakers twine and alternated colors. Once…

Puppy Party – DIY Puppy Ears


We gave each of the puppy party friends a set of ears to keep. Maria @ Love & Sugar Kisses had the BEST tutorial on how to make these. They were SOOOO SIMPLE!! (Inside view of the ears) I found the headbands 4 for 1.00 at the Dollar Tree.  Felt from JoAnn’s Crafts and some…

Puppy Birthday Party – Part 3 (Fun & Games)


Wrapping up the rest of the party. We had a blast with activities. We did a group shot of the girls. (We actually did this party 2 times in 1 day– friends in the morning and family (all boys) in the evening) If you missed our tutorial on how to make the card table dog…

Puppy Birthday Party – Part 2 (Puppy Stations)


Continuing with the rest of the fun party we had a week ago for my daughter. We had many activities. This post is going to cover the fun stations we had I want to give credit where it is due – The Crafting Chicks featured their stations where I branched off and expanded on for…

Puppy Birthday Party- Part 1 (Treat & Food Table)


I’ve been so excited to share this post. Was not sure if I should show off the entire party at once or pieces. But if I were to show it all at once it would be a VERRRYYY long post. So I will break it up over the next few days Here was some of…

Puppy Chow – Puppy Party Theme


Another fun item we have made for the upcoming party – an item for our Puppy Supply Store. “Puppy Chow” Very easy to make- photo is pretty self-explanatory. I got the zip top baggie from Hobby Lobby. The “chow” is simply chocolate puffed cereal. Then a tag. The tag was printed on a full 8…

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