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Typography Home Decoration – Letter N Wall – Home Improvement Project

Typography Home Decoration - Letter N Wall - Home Improvement

I have been working on this wall of my home for about 9 months. I got EVERY single N on this wall from my local Hobby Lobby store. I only had to alter a few of them and this is quite the conversation piece as this wall is what you see when you walk into…

Night Light / Stain Glass Look Kids Project


Being room mom again this year has been so much fun. We were having our end of the year party. I needed a few crafts for the party. We were having a Pizza & Pajama Party. We played a few fun games and did 2 crafts.  This was my favorite craft. My girlfriend a while…

Building our Chicken Coop


  I wish I could tell you EXACTLY how we did this. We didn’t  use a plan. It was just built by eyeballing how big we wanted it. We had an idea of how it would work. We read so many chicken forums and websites. All the favorites and dislikes of their coops. Then knew…

DIY – Kids Art Display Gallery


This is one of my favorite pieces Chad has put together for our family. We have a stainless steel fridge and only 1 side that a magnet will stick to.  Limited on space for showing off the kids achievements and special papers.  I am not sure where I saw this idea. Been about 9 months…

Cheater Crown Molding (corners) Innies, Outties & Stoppies


(SORRY FOR THE MISSING POST– I don’t know what ate my entire post) I have had many friends ask me about my crown molding in my home. They say there is no way they would be able to do it ever. Too hard to figure out the corners. That is where I love to tell…

We’ve been featured at Unique Baby Gear Ideas!


I am so excited to be featured at Unique Baby Gear Ideas!! Also please leave a comment on the blog and show some love if you could Would so appreciate it from my followers and new friends!! Click on this logo it will take you to our featured blog post…. They featured our little girls…

Easy bedroom organization for kids


Did you see yesterday’s post with the nursery? If not CLICK HERE She is all grown up now and not really into the flowers any more. She is into pink and green. The pink valances got to stay since they were her color choices. Toys are very hard to keep organized and looking cute. With…

Nursery Makeover- Flower and Ladybug Theme


The nursery before… Good grief what were these people thinking?!?! That is a crazy shade of red or is that fuscia? This was the 1st room in the new home to be painted– color had to go! The nursery in progress… The entire room was primed and then painted a light pastel yellow. Since we…

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