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Baby Shower Gifts and Custom Bags

Baby Shower Gifts and Custom Bags

I love to embroider anything that doesn’t move!!  When I was invited to one of my girlfriend’s baby shower for her new little ones– I had to add their names to these adorable bear towels.   CUTE CUTE!!!  Easy gift but personalized makes it extra special. If you haven’t realized from my blog already I…

You are a FOBulous Teacher / Friend – ribbon mini key fobs

I love how this turned out!!  I have to GIVE FULL credit to the wonderful blog “She’s Kinda Crafty” I decided to make these for the teachers this year. I wasn’t going to do any sewing projects but when I saw how fast and cute and fun this was. I had to jump on board!!…

Easy No Pattern Skirt Tutorial – {Halloween}


I love this skirt. I make this skirt over and over again. My girlfriend made one for my daughter for her birthday 3 years ago and since then I have been hooked. She loves skirts to play around in.  In Florida it is so hot, skirts are perfect way to keep cool. Halloween is also…

DIY- Fabric Headband Tutorial {Halloween}


One of the easiest things I feel I make for my daughter are her fabric headbands. The fact I can make it to the correct size for her head is great. Her head is a little bit bigger than her friends but not as big as an adult so its hard to find perfect fitting…

Glitter Halloween Ghost T-Shirt & Giveaway (Over)


Halloween is just around the corner. Believe it or not. I know it’s still SO HOT outside, but I like to get a head start on my Halloween craft making so it doesn’t run up too closely to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My favorite time of the year is here for getting creative!! JoAnn’s now carries…

Rag Garland – Puppy Party Theme


I love all the rag garlands I see for birthday. I wanted one to hang between my dining room and kitchen to dress it up a bit for our party. Our Puppy Party coming up soon theme colors are Lime Green, Turquoise & Chocolate. So we found some fun fabrics. I cut my fabric in…

Sewing Tip – Ironing hems


Hems!! My least favorite thing to do when sewing. Is turning under hems evenly. A girlfriend gave me a tip on how to make them happen a little quicker and nearly pain-free. (Already started on my Halloween sewing   ) I use a piece of card stock paper and mark my hems that I need….

DIY – Assembling the Playhouse (Playhouse Series)


TO VIEW ALL POSTS IN THIS SERIES CLICK HERE Finishing up our Dog Playhouse series. Time to put this puppy together (hahah) Again using my favorite Fabri-Tac glue from Jo-Ann’s Fabric I started gluing on all my pieces. On each of the 4 lime green panels I glued on the triangles and the rectangle pieces….

DIY- Cutting out the felt pieces (Playhouse Series)


TO VIEW ALL POSTS IN THIS SERIES CLICK HERE Continuing our series of our dog play house. (see other previous posts in related links located at the end of this post) Here is our make shift pattern for the dog house. Our card table measures on the top 34 x 34 inches. And 28 inches…

DIY – Felt Accessories and Vinyl (Playhouse Series)


TO VIEW ALL POSTS IN THIS SERIES CLICK HERE I created my Chubbie Puppies to go on a play house. I will continue the series of posts.  (SEE PREVIOUS POST) I wanted to have bones on the play house and simply cut out the pattern on paper, and then pined it on to white felt…

DIY – Felt Chubbie Puppies (Playhouse Series)

chubby puppies

Purchase the colors of the puppies in felt pieces. I purchased mine from Jo-Ann Fabrics. They are 9 x 12 inches. For the body you will need to cut out a 9″ circle of the body color of your choice. Click to download pattern I printed out the pattern and cut out all the pieces….

Puppy Party – DIY Puppy Leashes


Yesterday I featured how to make the paw print collars. Today I created keeping the party theme colors — made leashes for the puppies. Ribbon in party colors  – I was able to make 3 leashes per spool. Bag of jump rings and bags of lobster clasps. I bought these at Hobby Lobby.  The jump…

Puppy Party – DIY Puppy Collars


Mentioned in previous posts – I am working on projects to get ready for my Daughters birthday. Having a puppy party. Colors are Lime, Turquoise, and Brown. Since the kidlets will be “adopting” a puppy at the party, and then going to various stations getting things they need for their puppies. One of the items…

No Sew Blanket – Puppy Party Favor


As mentioned other posts- my daughter’s having a puppy party. So we are slowly getting it prepared and making things along the way so we are not in a mad dash.  I love to play ahead too. Got this really cute fabric – fleece on sale with a coupon from my local JoAnn’s Crafts.  It…

We’re guest blogging over at Oopsey Daisy today!!


GUESS WHAT???  We are guest bloggin over at Oopsey Daisy today!!!  Many of our fans on facebook knew we were working on some really cute “chubbie puppies” for an upcoming puppy party. The tutorial is up over at Oopsey Daisy Blog!! We are so honored to be guest blogging for Alison @ Oopsey Daisy. WOOHOOO!!!…

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