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Hot Pepper Sauce / Pepper Vinegar

Hot Pepper Sauce / Pepper Vinegar |

Here in Florida my garden has kinda gone to heck. Alot of things have died from the heat and time to get my fall garden ready. However my pepper plants are STILL producing. LOTS and LOTS of peppers. So I decided to pick them. I had no clue what I was going to do with…

MB’s Homemade Pasta Sauce – Spaghetti Sauce

MB's Homemade Pasta Sauce - Spaghetti Sauce |

I have a mom that loves to cook. And she taught me how to make a simple pasta sauce.  But I often times looking for different things to do to it. Or I might need MORE of it or less of it. So this recipe is inspired from my mom’s and tweaked to my creation….

Banana cupcakes in a jar

I love anything in a jar, or glass. Something about receiving a gift in a cool jar is fun. Start off by making 24 cupcakes using our very own recipe by Chad – Chad’s best ‘nanner bread I may be biased but hands down this is the best ‘nanner bread ever. (Its a sweet version)….

Banana Nut Bread Baked in a Jar

Banana Nut Bread in a Jar |

I did this back in 2002. I went to a few classes last night and one of them was amazing about Jars. All the things you can do in a jar. She was awesome and got my mind going again for the holiday. Very exciting because – I LOVE JARS!!!  So she asked me what…

How to make Strawberry Jam (not freezer jam)

Had 2 flats of strawberries that came from Plant City, FL.  I must give 2 thumbs up for this grower. Fabulous strawberries and very generous amounts in each flat. I thought I would never get to the bottom of 2 flats! If you are in Florida, check out Made 3 batches of Strawberry Jam…

Homemade Apple Butter

YUM YUM!! This made our house smell great. Left over applesauce that we did not can/process, we put in the crock pot. I have a fairly large crock pot. We added 4 1/2 quarts of applesauce to the crock pot. Add 2 tablespoons of Cinnamon 1 teaspoon of cloves 1/2 teaspoon allspice 2 cups of…

Homemade Applesauce

Our 1st try at this and it was a huge success. As you saw in our previous post we bought 45 lbs of apples and we were so excited to get started. To day we worked on 2 projects. One more is still in the works well post tomorrow. However Apple Sauce. YUM!!!  The Braeburn…

Canning Fresh Peaches

What you will need: Canning Jars , lids and rings Canning Supplies (canner, jar lifter) Good Ripe Peaches Sugar Patience I buy peaches every year either a 1/2 of a full bushel. You 1st need to make s simple syrup. 2 parts water to 1 part sugar.  If too sweet, you can do 3 parts…

Make Your Own Fresh Peach Jelly

What you will need: Jelly Jars, Lids  & Rings Pectin Sugar Peel Peels and Pits  (usually left over from canning peaches, see our canning peaches post) Canning Supplies (canner, jar lifter) Cheese Cloth This is 7 quarts worth of peach peels and pits. Put them in a pot cover it with water. It is approximately…

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