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Father’s Day – You Caramel Lot About Us

Father's Day - You Caramel Lot About Us

My husband LOVE Caramel!!!  SERIOUSLY LOVES IT!!! We hit the stores and found everything in Caramel. WE did a play on words using the foods- WE CHEWS RIESENS THAT PROVE YOU CARAMEL LOT ABOUT US. I then had the kidlets tell me all the things that dad does for them that proves he loves our…

Forget Not – Relief Society Night

Forget Not - Relief Society Night

This was another fun Relief Society Night. Forget Not. We had 3 classes that would feed us – SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY & EMOTIONALLY Frames that we got at the Dollar Tree and printed off a scripture / quote to go inside them. I enjoy chalk art- my husband made me some time ago large chalk boards…

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