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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Home Decorations 2015

St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Home Decorations 2015

I love decorating for every holiday   Also creating new crafts for the decorating is also alot of fun for me!! This section of my home is pretty new for me this year. I am happy how it turned out. I love green so I had alot of green things already. Canvas banner- I got…

LUCKY – St. Patrick’s Day Board

LUCKY - St. Patrick's Day Board

I wanted something more less traditional for St. Patrick’s day in my home for decorations. My husband took 2 boards off a weathered pallet in my back yard and screwed them together to make me a nice board to work with. I also have horse shoes a friend once gave me for a past party….

Valentine’s Day Crafts and Decorations for the home

Valentine's Day Crafts and Decorations for the home

Like Christmas– I jumped on Valentine’s Day and created a few pieces for my home to help decorate. Using wood squares then varnished them like Scrabble Blocks (thanks to my hubby) I then added vinyl to my blocks to make this piece. Hobby Lobby had this really awesome burlap charger. I LOVE BURLAP!! I added…

Christmas 2014 Decorations and Crafts

Christmas 2014 Decorations and Crafts

2014 I stepped it up a bit with decorations and crafting. I enjoyed it so very much!!! This photo I used timber and cut 4 pieces for our little family and painted it white, added on fleece caps and scarves and painted simple faces for snowman family.  Also my hubby used a pallet I had…

The season of Friendship lasts forever – Relief Society Night

The season of Friendship lasts forever - Relief Society Night

If you follow my blog you will maybe notice something- We were once the “Oviedo Ward” now we are Tuskawilla. We grew and split the ward and now we are Tuskawilla (or at least I am)  And since we split there are alot of new people to meet and get to know. We decided to…

4th Grade Frozen Themed Holiday Party

4th Grade Frozen Themed Holiday Party

4th grade holiday parties can be hard. Especially picking a theme that is appropriate enough for all different beliefs during the holiday season. I decided to go with the ever popular FROZEN movie theme. Seemed appropriate for December   Being room mom I love to have fun little parties for the class. I found all…

Ward Christmas Party #sharethegift He Is The Gift

Ward Christmas Party #sharethegift He Is The Gift

Our Church Christmas Party was very unique and alot of fun! Our Relief Society President put together a video of the event. I am super proud how it turned out. We wanted to keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas. I believe it was achieved. But I will share some of the details of this fun event. A…

Building Sisterhood Through Christ

Building Sisterhood Through Christ

November we put on an activity that included girls ages 8 and up for our church. Something new that the LDS church has been implementing including our daughters to attend. This idea started off as a super saturday type of event then evolved into something more. We had 120 in attendance.  The sisters were able…

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

I love being the room mom for my kiddos. Now that I have one in HS my baby is still in Elementary and I enjoy it and know my years are numbered. I know also to have parties needs to have a bit of an educational twist and that is ok. Doesn’t mean that the…

Team Work Relief Society Night | RSU – Relief Society University

Team Work Relief Society Night |

The above was our invitation we gave out. Printed it up and actually cut it out like a magaphone on the Silhouette machine. So it was a fun “shaped” invitation. September our theme was TEAM WORK for Relief Society. And our topic was Visiting Teaching. Working as a team with your partner when you go…

Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party |

My daughter wanted a Minecraft party. We had a budget to try and do it for no more than 50.00 total. I think we did pretty well. Alot of stuff we either had on hand already or the Dollar Tree had most of what we ended up using. These GEM stickers were wall stickers found…

Holy Guacamole! Pool Party Fiesta | Relief Society Night

Our end of Summer Break pool party happens every year. This year we decided to go with a fun mexican theme and have a taco salad bar and desserts. It was fun. The ladies in the church signed up for various toppings we had on a list and brought them. We provided the meat and…

Pinterest Inspired Wooden Football Sign

Pinterest Inspired Wooden Football Sign |

Another Pinterest Inspired project found here! Another project the ladies at church loved and we all created our own version of. Cut white vinyl with my Silhouette. Painted the wood blue and sanded the edge and corners down a bit. I added my 2 favorite team stickers onto the board. Luckily both teams share the…

Wooden Flag Blocks

Wooden Flag Blocks |

I love PINTEREST. This project came from Simply Kierste.  She has a great tutorial on her blog on how she made this project. The ladies in my church try to make 1 Pinterest Project a month. We all get together and share the cost. Its been wonderful!  I was so excited to make this project!!…

4th of July Wooden Project

4th of July Wooden Project |

I love how this wooden 4 came out!! Inspired from this Pin on Pinterest. There was not a tutorial on how to make this so I was on my own. My hubby cut me out a large 4 out of pine Sanded it all smooth for me. Found some awesome red paint from Hobby Lobby…

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