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One Smart Cookie – Teacher Appreciation 2011


My kiddlets teachers loved cookies one year. (well who doesn’t??) But this one year both of them realllllly loved cookies. So I decided to make some homemade cookies for them. I baked cookies, wrapped them up real pretty and even added an ILY (sign language – love) lollipop on them. (As both my children are…

Being a LIFESAVER – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This gift I came up with on the night before Teacher Appreciation week started. I had forgotten and quickly put something together. I had little boxes, and a bag of  Lifesavers. Made a tag = CUTE GIFT “Thanks for being a LIFESAVER this year!”  Clever and it worked I did make cuter tags to use…

O-fish-ally the BEST – Teacher Appreciation 2011


Another very inexpensive gift!! You can use the crackers or the cookie version of the fish snacks. I had done more great couponing and got these bags for less than 1.00 each.  Perfect! Tags I made to look like the fish :)  I have included them here for you for download if you are interested. …

Jar of Joy – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This Teacher Appreciation Gift is a perfect gift to give to the teacher from the entire class. It can be changed and given from 1 person with each heart listing a memory or something they love about the teacher or different quotes they may want to put on the hearts. We gave each parent a…

Bright School Year – Teacher Appreciation 2011


Easy gift and the teachers always need highlighters. I am also a big couponer. I am not like the folks you see on the tv shows- crazy couponing but I have gotten some great deals. Check out Couponers United as they post deals for freebies almost every day! During the beginning of the school year…

Doors – Teacher Appreciation 2011

2009 door

As mentioned earlier I was room mom for 3 years for my daughter. We are a deaf family of 4 — Yes all 4 of us wear hearing aids- making us an 8 hearing aid family So many of the projects you will see some SIGN LANGUAGE involved I decorated the door for my daughters…

Teacher Appreciation Week 2011


I know this seems weird but ask the previous teachers to my children- I LOVE TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK!! About 5 years ago- I really got into it. I wish I got into it when my son was in Kindergarten. So I try to make up for it since then. But I look forward to teacher…

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