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Seed of Knowledge – Teacher Appreciation 2011


I can’t believe this is my last teacher appreciation post! Where has the week gone. So many fun ideas have been shared. Make sure you go see them all. Most of them came with free printables for you. I hope you loved all the freebies as much as I enjoyed sharing my ideas and inspirations….

Breath of FRESH Air – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This gift I made for family and friends for Christmas. However I am remaking this gift and going to give it to the teachers along with a clever tag to add to it. Air freshener Homemade of course. It is SOOO EASY TO DO. Extremely easy to do. The breathable fabric I use is burlap….

Fortunate to be my Teacher – Teacher Appreciation 2011


I loved this idea from eighteen25. This is a very inexpensive gift as well. I got the take out box from my local craft store. The fortune cookies came from my local grocery store in the ethnic food area. I used while almond bark and sprinkles. Dipped 1 end of the fortune cookie into the…

Thanks a latte – Teacher Appreciation 2011


I got the teachers 5.00 gift cards to the local coffee house. Then asked them also if I could have an empty cup and sleeve as they usually serve their hot drinks in for each card. They were MORE than happy to. This is one of my FAVORITE gifts I gave a few years back!!!!…

Candy is in the Mail – Teacher Appreciation 2011


Another fun gift is Candy in the Mail- Mailbox for the teacher. These really cute mailboxes were available during Valentine’s Season at Target. 1.00 each. Adorable. I also used my Silhouette Machine to cut out names of the teachers to put on the mailboxes along with the hearts. And since Brooke signs since she is…

Extra Special Teacher – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This is a fun one to make. You can do it with out the bag and just a nicely wrapped pack of gum or a full pack of gum 3 pack. Up to you. Let me share how I made the bags. I love making them. I get a canvas bag from my local craft…

Hugs & Kisses – Teacher Appreciation Day 2011


This is one of my more simpler gifts. I was a room mom for 3 years. One year we decided instead of just purchasing things for the teacher. To give her a gift card. Many parents donated money and all the money was pooled together to get her this card. Since this wonderful teacher was…

Muy Buena Teacher – Teacher Appreciation 2011


The last few years Cinco de Mayo falls during Teacher Appreciation week. This year it is on Thursday. I time my gift to give this to them on Cinco de Mayo as well. Purchases Salsa and a 1.00 Salsa Bowl from Wal-Mart. Since it was the skinnier Salsa jars I could sit it inside of…

Candy Bucket – Teacher Appreciation 2011


Candy bucket for the teacher is alot of fun. Found these cute buckets at my local craft store. Filled it with candy. I also used my Silhouette Machine to cut out names of the teachers to put on the buckets. They were hard to see in the photos, but once the bucket was empty its…

Write Stuff – Teacher Appreciation 2011


I purchased these items at my local Dollar Store. They had the cutest spring pens and papers. The pens actually came 3 to a pack. So that made the gift even cheaper. I put a pen and a pack of paper with a cute tag. I love all the flowers!! I used a 2 1/2…

ABC Sign – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This is a sign that Chad helped me make for a gift for the teachers. He was a verrryyy good eye for placement! We used our Silhouette Machine. We absolutely LOVEEEEEEE our Silhouette!! BEST.MACHINE.EVER!! Totally check them out if you haven’t. Cut out a piece of wood that we had on hand, painted it, distressed…

One Smart Cookie – Teacher Appreciation 2011


My kiddlets teachers loved cookies one year. (well who doesn’t??) But this one year both of them realllllly loved cookies. So I decided to make some homemade cookies for them. I baked cookies, wrapped them up real pretty and even added an ILY (sign language – love) lollipop on them. (As both my children are…

Being a LIFESAVER – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This gift I came up with on the night before Teacher Appreciation week started. I had forgotten and quickly put something together. I had little boxes, and a bag of  Lifesavers. Made a tag = CUTE GIFT “Thanks for being a LIFESAVER this year!”  Clever and it worked I did make cuter tags to use…

O-fish-ally the BEST – Teacher Appreciation 2011


Another very inexpensive gift!! You can use the crackers or the cookie version of the fish snacks. I had done more great couponing and got these bags for less than 1.00 each.  Perfect! Tags I made to look like the fish   I have included them here for you for download if you are interested. …

Jar of Joy – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This Teacher Appreciation Gift is a perfect gift to give to the teacher from the entire class. It can be changed and given from 1 person with each heart listing a memory or something they love about the teacher or different quotes they may want to put on the hearts. We gave each parent a…

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