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Snowmen Hot Cocoa – Christmas Gift in a Jar


Another really great fit and easy to do. You will need Jar of your choice Zip top baggie Hot Cocoa Mix Large Marsh Mallows Set of – Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens, Assorted Colors, Set of 10 (Used only Black and Orange colors) Recipe Tag Ribbon or Bakers Twine CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TAG I…

Adorable and Yummy Chocolate Christmas Mice


These mice we made last year and we will be making them again this year. They are yummy and so easy to make. You will need Jar of Maraschino Cherries with Stems Hershey Kisses Almond Slivers Chocolate Almond Bark (from Wal-Mart) or Chocolate Candy Melts Before starting- have all your Hershey Kisses unwrapped and your…

Easy Personalized Christmas Ornaments


DECEMBER IS HERE!!!! I have made these for a few years now. So easy and everyone that receives them loves them. I purchased these Ornaments at Target. However I buy them the year before during their after Christmas sales. I will buy up different colors and sizes. I simply cut out letters and polka dots…

I love to see the temple – vinyl on glass block


I am a major procrastinator if you didn’t know. I needed to come up with a project for tomorrow when I go visit some gals from my church for visiting teaching. This month theme is also on Temple and I wanted to give them something pretty to have in their homes. Also Primary is learning…

No Sew Blanket – Puppy Party Favor


As mentioned other posts- my daughter’s having a puppy party. So we are slowly getting it prepared and making things along the way so we are not in a mad dash.  I love to play ahead too. Got this really cute fabric – fleece on sale with a coupon from my local JoAnn’s Crafts.  It…

Family Hands Frame – Perfect Gift


This is a great gift for any time — Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas for your spouse. (And maybe grandparents would like this too) I used my 50% off Michael’s coupon and got this lime frame. LOVE IT. Our favorite color in this family. We made this for Chad- for father’s day. I had to fib– GASP–…

Bedtime Passes


I got this idea from The Creative Homemaker. Chad cut these passes out of wood and painted. I used the Silhouette to add the name and bedtime pass on it. Easy Project!! However after we did all that work- we found that our local craft store sold the wood door signs very inexpensively. WHOOPS. At…

Kids Foodie Face Plates


For Birthday and Christmas gifts– I loved making these plates. I ordered a kit from HERE.  You draw on the papers they send to you- and decorate with your own washable markers and mail it in. These plates are amazing!! They are not porcelain so they do not break if your kids drop it. They…

Breath of FRESH Air – Teacher Appreciation 2011


This gift I made for family and friends for Christmas. However I am remaking this gift and going to give it to the teachers along with a clever tag to add to it. Air freshener Homemade of course. It is SOOO EASY TO DO. Extremely easy to do. The breathable fabric I use is burlap….

Banana Nut Bread Baked in a Jar

Banana Nut Bread in a Jar |

I did this back in 2002. I went to a few classes last night and one of them was amazing about Jars. All the things you can do in a jar. She was awesome and got my mind going again for the holiday. Very exciting because – I LOVE JARS!!!  So she asked me what…

Way Way Easy Peasy Breakfast Buns!

This is craziness. We have made this a few times since we got the recipe from our wonderful friend in Utah. She told us about this Christmas Morning Sticky Buns. I thought.. that is too easy. Of course.. Chad and I we always tweak our recipes. And since we have made them a few times…

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