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April 2012 LDS General Conference- Kids Party


I am behind posting this. However we did conference with our kids along with another family. So really in total we just had 4. Ranging in ages 3-12.  We haven’t ever really had our kiddos watch conference and we want to change that. So we decided to have a conference party. That got the younger…

Happy Pi Day! 3.1415926 March 14


March 14th aka 3/14 is Pi Day  π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 I also know Pi is ROUND however I didn’t have time to make a pie for dessert tonight for my kids. So I got the next best thing. A McDonald’s apple pie. Decided to make a little slip cover to go around it to celebrate…

Mardi Gras 2012


Again – I apologize for the iphone photos. We were still unpacking into the new house we moved into. But again- never will we miss a chance to party Mardi Gras was alot of fun. We got to teach our kids what it meant and what Fat Tuesday is. We also got to try some…

Dr. Seuss Birthday Dinner 2012


We changed things up a little bit from last year. It wouldn’t be fun to do it exactly as last year.  (FOUND HERE) Will start with the dinner. –  Green Eggs & Smoked/Cooked Ham – Lorax Grits (yes I made that up but its yellow/cheese grits), Cat in the Hat fruit skewers. Decorations were easy–…

Happy 108th Birthday Dr. Seuss!


Today is Dr. Seuss birthday   We always celebrate and my daughter insisted she dress up for the occasion for school. She was super excited. Tonight we will have our festive dinner and celebration.    I am also the room mom I will be delivering some fun “Thing 1 & Thing 2″ cupcakes to her…

Angry Birds Blue & Gold Cub Scout Banquet- Part 4


Last and final post.  This post will cover the GAME/ACTIVITY portion of the banquet. Mentioned before in previous posts- we stacked up moving boxes for the game. We used 10 dodge balls. 5 green 5 red. We found them cheaply at Walmart. We use dodgeball all the time for scouts so they will be used…

Leap Day 2012 – Family Dinner Party


Any excuse to dress up the table and have a fancier/funner (is that a word?) dinner– I am all on it! I love my Silhouette machine. I use it all the time to cut out things in a snap. For this dinner I used it for the Frog Bags, Lily Pads & Flower place mat…

Leap Day 2012


My daughter is going to take this fun little gift to her classmates. Nothing over the top- but something to celebrate the day. After all it only happens every 4 years I got a bag of 8 frogs for 1.00 at my local dollar store Bagged them up added a cute topper on it Ready…

Angry Birds Blue & Gold Cub Scout Banquet- Part 3


Decorations were the easiest at this banquet. Since we had just moved 3 weeks prior to this event- I needed this to be a VERY simple event. However, it turned out to be one of our best ones yet. Even better! Lots and Lots of moving boxes came in handy Stacked them up high, and…

Heirloom Kids Ornaments


On my tree I have alot of favorite ornaments but each year I love these. My kids love to look at them and compare. They are so easy to make and great to make extras and give as gifts to Grandparents. This one you see above is my Son’s footprint in 1999   SO SMALL….

CTR – Baptism Towel


A special guy was Baptized this past weekend. We were so excited for him and his family!! Chad and I wanted to create a special gift. We have made this in the past but never took photos to share with our bloggers. So I made sure this time to take pictures. We have a professional…

Halloween Ghost Cookies


One of the easiest and quite tastiest cookies we made this week with the kids!  Ghost Cookies. All you need is – Nutter Butter Cookies, Mini Chocolate Chips, Wax Paper & White Chocolate Bark (found at Walmart) We melted our Chocolate Bark in the microwave. Start by dipping your 1st cookie. We used a fork…

New Fun Summer Toy


This is alot of fun to have in the pool. It was intended to put in your back yard. But it floats and sprays all the same and is super exciting. It is the – Little Tikes Ultimate Beach Ball Sprinkler Recently on sale at Walmart.  I had it shipped to our home for only…

We’re guest blogging over at Oopsey Daisy today!!


GUESS WHAT???  We are guest bloggin over at Oopsey Daisy today!!!  Many of our fans on facebook knew we were working on some really cute “chubbie puppies” for an upcoming puppy party. The tutorial is up over at Oopsey Daisy Blog!! We are so honored to be guest blogging for Alison @ Oopsey Daisy. WOOHOOO!!!…

You’re the STAR of our ….. Gift Tag


I made this last week for my girlfriend for father’s day. I loved it so much I wanted to have a regular one too- because dad’s are the star of our family but so are others There are many ways you can use this tag.  I have included a few here. It would be a…

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