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How to grow wheat grass


  Look at all that luscious beautiful grass!!  I love it. And the fact I didn’t kill it- YAY ME! I kill everything that requires a green thumb. SO far so good- but then again. Wheat grass grows so fast- I am only 6 days in Wheat Grass is made from red hard winter wheat….

Hanging with my peeps Easter shirt


I really loved the shirt that Oopsey Daisy featured a little bit ago. I had created Peeps (bunnies and chicks) for my peeps tag and wanted to use those same guys. (This post) I used my Silhouette and traced the outline of my bunny and chick peeps. Then I laid the shirt out. The font…

Easter Egg Garland – Poolside Decorations


My family is having Easter party poolside this year.  We have a pretty large immediate family that lives very close by. I am blessed! I saw an idea a while back on using eggs in a garland and realized this would be perfect as it is waterproof! I strung ribbon on the child proof gate…

Nearly Free Paint Chip Easter Garland


Isn’t that Easter egg garland adorable?? I love paint chips. And when I saw this idea over here on this blog I wanted to make it too!! Paint Chips are so pretty. I love to use them for so many things. The colors are so vibrant. I cut egg shapes out of the paint chips,…

Crepe Paper Easter Carrot


My daughter made the cutest thing in girl scouts and I loved it so much I had to make some too!! If it is crafty and CHEAP Start off with green cellophane and some Easter Candies. I choose kisses. You can use 4-5 pieces. Kind of hard to see here, but I had cut me…

Easter Drinks – Free Tags


I went to the dollar store the other day. They had these cute lemonades. The colors reminded me of Easter. I also noticed it had no labels on it. It came in a 6 pack but no label at all. Knew immediately my next project. I want to put this in my kid’s lunches. They…

Rice Treat Bunny Pops


We watch alot of TLC shows- and watching cake shows, they use rice treats all the time to form almost any shape. So we decided to take our rice treats today and make bunny heads. It was so easy. You need to do it when your rice treats are warm to the touch but not…

Driving Miss Peeps – Easter Treat


Was playing in the kitchen with the kiddlets tonight and came up with this fun Peeps driving with the top down. The rabbit Peeps are a lot of fun. I have notice they are harder to find than the birds. I am not sure. Maybe because the rabbits are so adorable!! We had lots of…

Hoppy Easter Bunny Treats


I am so excited to share this with you! I had these test tubes for months now. Waiting for the perfect project for them. I am going to give these out to my girlfriends for Easter treats. LOVE LOVE THEM! I filled the test tubes with smaller sized orange jelly beans. (So that they fit…

Hoppy Easter – Peep Treats


Another file to share. An adorable tag for you and your kiddos. I was waiting to blog this on facebook for a few days, but I realized so many people are doing the same thing. So – I will join with the Peeps tags. I made this for my daughters class. She will give this…

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