Cheater Crown Molding (corners) Innies, Outties & Stoppies

(SORRY FOR THE MISSING POST– I don’t know what ate my entire post)

I have had many friends ask me about my crown molding in my home. They say there is no way they would be able to do it ever. Too hard to figure out the corners. That is where I love to tell them “neither did we”. We tell them we cheated. And that always gets their attention. 🙂

My entire house is crown molded and I love it.  We bought an older home and when we painted that room, was when we went ahead and crown molded it at the same time. We would not paint all the way to the ceiling line- so that we could cover that part with the molding and save us from having to tape the ceiling too.

There are 3 types of corners. I used all 3 pretty much in my home.

These corners I call “OUTTIES” – the go out the outside corners of your room. Of the 3 types- this is the more pricier one. However you will only need a few of them in the entire house. Very few people need alot of “outtie” corners.

Featured here on the left side is an “Innie” corner.  Corners that go on the inside of the wall. “Innie” corners you will use in 95% of your home. (At least that is from my experience) and luckily they are the cheapest corners to purchase.  Least expensive.

The 3rd type of corner really isnt a corner but you will need them sometimes with crown molding. You can use them in the center of a very long wall to give it some decoration or in places you can’t go around the corner and need to just stop. So because of that I call these “Stoppies”.  Stoppies I had to use a few times near one of my walls that I couldn’t do molding around and needed to make a nice final stop.

Another room I needed to use a “stoppie”.

Installing these corners are very easy. I think the hardest part is just painting them. Not hard just a pain. I usually just let my kids paint them. I prepaint them the color of my molding before installing. You will need to give them a few coats.

Once you have painted them- we simply nail them into the corner – either by hand or with a nail gun. Use your putty to cover the holes then paint the putty to hide. Once you have installed all your “Innies” “Outties” and “Stoppies” you simply have to measure your wall space between  each of the corners. Cut your molding to that size. Straight cuts. You do not need to cut angles at all.  Pop in your molding and nail it in place.

Putty your holes again, let dry and paint over with a small brush and you are done.  Sometimes you may get a little bit of a gap from the wall to the molding. Simply use white caulking.  To run on the gap. I never had to paint the caulking. It looked nice and neat (if your molding is white of course).

It was a really easy experience and it makes the house look FABULOUS.

Anyone can do it! If we can, so can you!

3 Responses to Cheater Crown Molding (corners) Innies, Outties & Stoppies
  1. Jennifer
    May 25, 2011 | 11:16 am

    I LOVE THIS! Seriously. We have been wanted to put in crown molding for years but couldn’t figure out the corners. Those “innies” will do the trick. Not sure my husband will love this post since I’m now energized to take on this project – thanks – Jennifer

  2. Audrey G.
    May 26, 2011 | 12:31 pm

    This is a great post! We have been needing crown moulding in our bedroom and my daughter’s, maybe now we can do this by ourselves! 🙂

  3. Kimberlee
    May 31, 2011 | 4:47 pm

    What a great idea! PS – love the red color you have on your walls. Fantastic!
    Visiting from Sugar Bee’s Take a Look Tuesday.
    {Accuquilt Giveaway} 

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