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Princess & Frog Party – Cupcakes & Marshmallow Pops


My daughter wanted a Princess & Frog party for her birthday. She wanted it also poolside. I looked all over the internet for fun ideas. So I am going to share a few of them  this weekend The 1st idea is the adorable Cupcakes. We had vanilla cupcakes simply iced either pink or green. These…

Veterinarian – Career Day Idea


Career Day came up for my daughter and she wanted to be a Veterinarian.  I wasn’t sure how to pull that off at 1st with out her looking like a regular doctor. I used my sons real stethoscope he has from his science kit. The jacket we found on clearance after Halloween.  So with those…

Bedtime Passes


I got this idea from The Creative Homemaker. Chad cut these passes out of wood and painted. I used the Silhouette to add the name and bedtime pass on it. Easy Project!! However after we did all that work- we found that our local craft store sold the wood door signs very inexpensively. WHOOPS. At…

May Day Lollipop Flower Basket


  May Day Baskets- The kids and I wanted to make some flower baskets we could give away. We also wanted to be frugal and use things we already have around the house. Were very pleased with our final project. We only had to purchase the lollipops We had a few left over paint sample…

May Day Cupcakes (free printables)


April showers bring May flowers.  May Day  is coming up Sunday, May 1st. What a great way to start off the month with cupcakes!! Any excuse for us to make cupcakes in this house is a good excuse! To make our cupcakes a little more festive we decorated them with a cupcake wrapper and matching…

Kids Foodie Face Plates


For Birthday and Christmas gifts– I loved making these plates. I ordered a kit from HERE.  You draw on the papers they send to you- and decorate with your own washable markers and mail it in. These plates are amazing!! They are not porcelain so they do not break if your kids drop it. They…

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


  I don’t make a lot of cupcakes. However I got some new tips and wanted to try it out. I am super pleased. I been reading about cupcakes on my friends blog. ( From Failcakes to Cupcakes) She inspired me to try.. and I love how they turned out. I posted the other day…

Carrot Napkins


I wish I knew which blog I saw this on. I know I saw it on more than one. I loved the idea and wanted to do it for my party today for my family. We only needed forks for our dinner. I purchased green forks, green pipe cleaners and orange napkins. Rolled up my…

Happy Easter!!


Happy Easter to you and your family!! Have a great day!!

How I made fondant Carrots


I have never made fondant before. So many recipes out there. This one I sorta just winged it. So there really isn’t a recipe for you but I can show you how it is done. Also homemade fondant taste SOOOO much better. I really don’t like the other stuff. This is the only marshmallows I…

Easter eggs for our tree


We just have 2 branches stuck in a bucket as a tree and wanted to add some Easter eggs to it. I have seen many where folks hot glue ribbon to hang them. However I noticed the eggs I got from Target have holes. I threaded a large needle with some bakers twine. Ran it…

Earth Day Cupcakes


HAPPY EARTH DAY!! Made cupcakes last night with my kidlets. Nothing major but thought they were cute.  Simply used a boxed cake mix. Divided it in 2 and dyed it blue and green. Then we used both silicone and paper cups. We were trying out the silicone for the 1st time. It was neat to…

Earth Day Water Bottles (File included)


HAPPY EARTH DAY!! One of the things we give our kids every Earth day is a new water bottle. To cut down on the plastic ones that you end up recycling and throwing away. Also saves money in my pocket too! I picked up some cute water bottles for 1.00 at my local Hobby Lobby….

How to grow wheat grass


  Look at all that luscious beautiful grass!!  I love it. And the fact I didn’t kill it- YAY ME! I kill everything that requires a green thumb. SO far so good- but then again. Wheat grass grows so fast- I am only 6 days in Wheat Grass is made from red hard winter wheat….

Hanging with my peeps Easter shirt


I really loved the shirt that Oopsey Daisy featured a little bit ago. I had created Peeps (bunnies and chicks) for my peeps tag and wanted to use those same guys. (This post) I used my Silhouette and traced the outline of my bunny and chick peeps. Then I laid the shirt out. The font…

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