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Our April Fool’s Day Lunch 2011


I have been so excited for tonight to get here so I can start pranking my kids and setting up!! I made their lunch tonight. For many reasons, but mostly so I could blog and share with everyone. I made a change from my last post about the worm in the apple. I realized my…

Earth Day Poster – Freebie


I created an Earth Day poster.   I just love how it turned out!! WOOHOO!! And adding some earthy things around it. Looking at it makes me happy! We started celebrating Earth Day 2 years ago. And last year we took it up a notch. This year I actually wanted to have a little area…

What we plan for April Fool’s 2011


I can NOT wait till Friday!  Everyone gets excited for Friday, but I am excited for other reasons. We love April Fool’s as you have already seen in my previous posts. I plan to make the kiddlets their lunches with many surprises. Their lunch will have some switch out similar to Family Fun link here….

Easy bedroom organization for kids


Did you see yesterday’s post with the nursery? If not CLICK HERE She is all grown up now and not really into the flowers any more. She is into pink and green. The pink valances got to stay since they were her color choices. Toys are very hard to keep organized and looking cute. With…

Nursery Makeover- Flower and Ladybug Theme


The nursery before… Good grief what were these people thinking?!?! That is a crazy shade of red or is that fuscia? This was the 1st room in the new home to be painted– color had to go! The nursery in progress… The entire room was primed and then painted a light pastel yellow. Since we…

April Fool’s Day – Lasagna for dessert


This is by far the funniest dish. It was quite delish I might add!! This prank dessert was pretty involved- I won’t lie. It took some time to prepare.  No cooking or baking — just many layers of yummy goodness to make it look legit. We loved this as a family. It makes quite a…

April Fool’s Day – Cupcakes for dinner


Can you imagine the look on my kiddlets faces when we served them cupcakes for dinner?!?!  They looked at us all cross eyed.  My kiddlets knew we were cooking dinner and dessert at the same time. So they figured April Fool’s we were going to have dessert 1st, dinner second. However- they are still wrong….

April Fool’s Day – Lemonade


This trick really got my kids all riled up! They were not expecting what we had in store for them. You will simply need 1 or 2 boxes of your favorite gelatin flavor. We chose to make ours lemon flavor. Also we only made 1 box of gelatin flavor and wished we had made 2…

Are you ready for April Fool’s Day?


Be sure to check back with us this week! As we will be posting some fun recipes and ideas for you and you family for April Fool’s Day coming up this friday! My kid’s are always suspicious about what pranks and tricks we will play on them. We get the funniest reactions out of the…

Homemade Sushi

Making sushi at home is quite easy. Its just the preparation that takes up all the time. Also cooking the rice takes a bit of time. But once you have everything ready, putting it together is quite simple. We used a mat just like this. You can find it here – Bamboo Sushi Mat with…

Slow Cooker French Onion Soup

My family is a huge french onion soup fan! Almost every where we go- out to eat, we generally want to find out if they make this soup. We tease each other who is going to eat the cheese off the soup bowl if we are sharing. We decided enough is enough. We need to…

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