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Easter decorations made from old fence boards

Easter decorations made from old fence boards

Creating all these pieces listed here– I used the same method from a past post — LUCKY BOARD I wanted something SPRINGY- to have in my home and to keep the true meaning of EASTER in our home. I love the scripture John 3:16 These are all approximately 24 inches long and I cut them…

Easter Egg Display Holder

Easter Egg Display Holder

I had chalkboard eggs that I decorated with my favorite chalk board markers. The Bistro chalk markers are the brightest and goes on the best in my humble opinion. LOVE LOVE THEM!! I wanted a way to display them. We have a rotting fence in the back yard and I am always using the boards…

Cute Picket Fence for Easter – Cheap

Cute Picket Fence for Easter - Cheap

  I was looking through my husband work shed one day and saw his paint sticks he uses for work. I batted my eyelashes and begged for 12 of his sticks. He was confused– but what I saw was something more. They looked like a picket fence to me   Pulled out my favorite blue…

DIY Rabbit / Bunny Cage for cheap

DIY Rabbit / Bunny Cage for cheap

This large bunny rabbit cage we did on the cheap. A friend gave my daughter a lion headed bunny rabbit baby for Easter. My hubby went to Target and got a cube kit (2) of them for 24.99 each. If you do not have a Target near you- you can get almost the exact same…

Easter & Visiting Teaching April 2013 Candy Flower Favors

Easter & Visiting Teaching April 2013 Candy Flower Favors |

I made these for both Easter Sunday favors and made extras for my sisters in church I will go Visiting Teach. April and Spring/Flowers seemed appropriate. They were very simple to make. I collected baby food jars from friends. I LOVE LOVE LOVE JARS!!! I have an addiction to all types of jars! I simply…

From our family to yours!


I know this is belated but we hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend! From our family to yours!!  

Easter Peeps on a stick- Great edible centerpiece


I am still catching up on my blog. I have so many things to post. Since we have moved we have been working on alot of projects I apologize. I will catch up one day I know I had purchased some cute Easter Bunny Peeps and wanted to use them as a center piece. I…

Easter Carrot gift – great for kids


These carrots I put on the kids table were so easy. I found the triangle bags 25 of them for 1.99 at Hobby Lobby Got a huge bucket of cheese balls at target for 4.99 (I was able to make 25 carrots and have a few cheese balls left) Green curling ribbon I also used…

Paper Plate Baskets with Paper Tape aka Washi Tape


These cute paper plate baskets were so much fun!  Extremely easy. I got the idea from – Sarah Hearts   Check out her site. Because she has a WONDERFUL video. You don’t want to miss that video it explained exactly the HOW TO MAKE this basket. All I used for this I got at Target Paper…

Easter Treats – Some Bunny Special


I gave each person that came to our Easter dinner one of these treats. I even gave them away to my Visiting Teaching sisters at church I simply printed my own pink gingham paper on card stock. Used my silhouette to cut out a bunny and the outside  rectangle. Folded in half. Used a 3×4…

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


  I don’t make a lot of cupcakes. However I got some new tips and wanted to try it out. I am super pleased. I been reading about cupcakes on my friends blog. ( From Failcakes to Cupcakes) She inspired me to try.. and I love how they turned out. I posted the other day…

Carrot Napkins


I wish I knew which blog I saw this on. I know I saw it on more than one. I loved the idea and wanted to do it for my party today for my family. We only needed forks for our dinner. I purchased green forks, green pipe cleaners and orange napkins. Rolled up my…

Happy Easter!!


Happy Easter to you and your family!! Have a great day!!

How I made fondant Carrots


I have never made fondant before. So many recipes out there. This one I sorta just winged it. So there really isn’t a recipe for you but I can show you how it is done. Also homemade fondant taste SOOOO much better. I really don’t like the other stuff. This is the only marshmallows I…

Easter eggs for our tree


We just have 2 branches stuck in a bucket as a tree and wanted to add some Easter eggs to it. I have seen many where folks hot glue ribbon to hang them. However I noticed the eggs I got from Target have holes. I threaded a large needle with some bakers twine. Ran it…

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