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Halloween Test Tube Treats – FREE PRINTABLE


Made some fun treats for a class room of 1st graders. That is what being a room mom is all about. Fun treats to bring in. I had test tubes on hand. I purchased them almost a year ago. Have used them on so many other projects. Halloween just seemed to fit perfectly for test…

Crazy Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes


If it is easy I have to try it!! And not only was it easy it was VERYYYY delicious. In fact– so delicious I have made it TWICE in 2 days. Because family keeps eating them so quickly I saw this recipe on PINTEREST.  Many times. Over and Over again. That is when I decided…

Monster Cake Pops – Wordless Wednesday


Made some cake pops with the kids. Let them decorate them however they wanted. LOVE HALLOWEEN!!

CCT- Party & Features #22


Halloween is kicking my butt– but I am having so much fun with it.  Appologies for late features but we have some good ones!!! Our most visited link last week was — Merry NOT Scary 2011 – Sweet Cheeks Tasty Treats I love all the Halloween pops!! They are so cute. What a great party!!…

Counting down to Halloween – Free Printable


  I had planned to bag up some candy corn (as we have way too much in this house and needs to be given away). I wanted to make a tag that says 7 days till Halloween for the kids in my daughters class. I was browsing Pinterest today and came across this link. “Count’s…

Our 1st Decorated Cake – 40th Anniversary


This really isn’t a HOW-TO post. More of a — not too shabby we did it post. Last week my in law’s celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.  They were married young and still madly in love. We wanted to make them a wedding cake. Chad laughed. I had high ambitions. We may be crafty folks…

Halloween Ghost Cookies


One of the easiest and quite tastiest cookies we made this week with the kids!  Ghost Cookies. All you need is – Nutter Butter Cookies, Mini Chocolate Chips, Wax Paper & White Chocolate Bark (found at Walmart) We melted our Chocolate Bark in the microwave. Start by dipping your 1st cookie. We used a fork…

Wordless Wednesday – Harry Potter


Visiting Harry Potter on Teacher Work Days Butterbeer is the best! (Celebrating someone about to turn 12.. can you guess which one?) The other one still wishes he was 12 HAHAHA

CCT- Features & Party #21


Halloween is getting closer and closer and I am LOVING all these crafts!!! LOVE LOVE IT!! Our most visited link last week – Congratulations goes to… Free Printable : Kids Ghost Detective Game – Delightfully Noted What a fun project!!! And even better FREE!! My kids are going to love this game! Easy Ghost Treat…

Dollar Store Pumpkins – Angry Bird Style


Our Dollar Tree store sold these carvable pumpkins. We decided to paint them up instead. Was quite fun!! I am pretty good at simple hand drawing. So I took a permanent marker and drew all our faces on our pumpkins.  So the kids had lines to follow to paint in. We love using Plaid FolkArt…

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops – Kid Friendly


These are so easy to make.  With kids its even more fun to do. Easy for little hands to help. Marshmallows, Chocolate Jimmie Sprinkles, Pop Sticks & Candy Melts Simply press the sticks into the bottom of the marshmallows We melted green candy melts into a glass cup. So that it was deep to submerge…

Pumpkin Cheesecake – A-MAZING!!


I really should have taken a photo of it nicely plated for you. However it never lasts that long. By the time it hits the plate, someone has taken it to eat. IT IS THAT GOOD!! We have made many different pumpkin cheesecakes over the year. This one TAKES THE CAKE Seriously! What I forgot…

Wordless Wednesday – Rains Came Down


The rains came down…. and the floods came up… Was a very very wet weekend in Central Florida. We had to swim/boat to all our events…

CCT – Features & Party #20


  Last week’s top visited link– Congratulations goes to– Mummy Pretzels – Midwestern Sewing Girl I love how adorable these look!!! I can see why they were the top visited link!! All Things Halloween – Making Memories with Your Kids I love these milk jug ghosts.  This link has TONS of Halloween ideas on it!!…

Previous Pumpkin Posts

We love pumpkin in our home. October/November are our favorite months to eat it. Over the last 2 years we have posted a number of recipes and posts on Pumpkin and wanted to be sure everyone saw them. So we are re-featuring our pumpkin Pumpkin Crisp Pumpkin Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting Jack-O-Lantern Cake Pops…

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