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April Fools Day 2014 – Mixed Up Crazy Lunch

April Fools Day - Mixed Up Crazy Lunch

I hadn’t planned on doing an April Fools lunch for the kids this year however just before bed (night before April Fools) my 14 yr old SON asked if I was going to do a “fun lunch”. I told him NO you are too old and I am getting too old for this However by…

Spinach Ham & Cheese Quiche

Spinach Ham & Cheese Quiche

This dinner came about with whatever I could in my fridge. I wasn’t up for making a run to the grocery store and it came out sooooo incredibly yummy – we will be adding this to our dinner rotations! I have never made a Quiche before. Can you believe it? And it was so easy…

Our April Fool’s Day Lunch 2011


I have been so excited for tonight to get here so I can start pranking my kids and setting up!! I made their lunch tonight. For many reasons, but mostly so I could blog and share with everyone. I made a change from my last post about the worm in the apple. I realized my…

Grilled Corned Beef with Irish Cheddar Sandwich


We actually cooked out corned beef the day before St. Patrick’s day in the slow cooker. You just put the corned beef and all the juice it comes with and any seasonings it comes with in a slow cooker, set to low and cook till it reaches 160 degrees internal temperature. It came out sooo…

Sloppy Freds (aka Sloppy Joe)

We call these sloppy Fred’s in honor of my dad.  No rhyme or reason for it. He would make us all giggle when he called them that growing up. He figured he didn’t know who Joe was, and figured Fred deserved a “sammich” too. Over the years I have tweaked our family recipe, and this…

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