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Typography Home Decoration – Letter N Wall – Home Improvement Project

Typography Home Decoration - Letter N Wall - Home Improvement

I have been working on this wall of my home for about 9 months. I got EVERY single N on this wall from my local Hobby Lobby store. I only had to alter a few of them and this is quite the conversation piece as this wall is what you see when you walk into…

Valentine’s Day themed Breakfast and Lunch for your kids

Valentine's Day themed Breakfast and Lunch for your kids

Holidays are fun when you serve the meals in themes. Even my teenager looks forward to see what is waiting for them. Breakfast was simple but heart themed. Cinnamon rolls that were in a can. Unrolled it and rerolled it into a heart and then baked according to instructions.  Fruit strawberries cut into hearts served…

Valentine’s Day – Heart Attack your kids door

Valentine's Day - Heart Attack your kids door

A really thoughtful and fun thing we did this year was heart attack our kids doors.  Using my silhouette machine- cut out lots of hearts in different sizes. I then wrote something great about them on each heart. Once they went to bed- Chad and I attacked the door adding their hearts with all the…

Valentine’s Day – I’m hooked on you! gift

Valentines - I'm hooked on you!

My son wanted to make something simple for a special girl on Valentine’s day. Since he is in middle school he didn’t want it too cheesy or overly romantic. He hit pinterest (I AM SO PROUD OF HIM) and saw a similar idea. Purchased lots of gummy worms and filled a container that was purchased…

Cub Scout Pack Meeting- Winter Olympics aka Cublympics

Cub Scout Pack Meeting - Winter Olympics aka Cublympics

Our February Pack meeting was just days after the winter Olympics closed. We felt this would be a fun pack meeting for the boys. it was extremely fun and simple to put together. The cub master’s table was set up with a poster and simple colored plates in the Olympic colors. We set up those…

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party 2014

Dr. Seuss Birthday Party 2014

We love themed dinners in our home. And it gets easier each year actually. Because I add or make a few things each year and keep saving it for the next year. Also when I see things in the store all year long I may purchase them there. Many I found in the dollar section…

Personal Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

Personal Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert

March 2nd is Dr. Seuss birthday. I wanted to try to make a new dessert this year for our annual birthday dinner. I searched for many different recipes. Because I waited till the afternoon of the dinner to even plan anything I had to use what was on hand. It turned out very yummy. Even…

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