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More yummy protein snacks

More yummy protein snacks |

I have received a few email from viewers asking on what else do I eat with protein in it. I thought I would share.  I do eat alot of cheese. Generally 1 slice of cheese has 5-6g of protein per slice. That is really good. However cheese gets tiring. And I have a sweet tooth….

Make your own Orange Peel Cleaner


Orange Peel Cleaner is great. I just started making some. You save up all your orange peels. We eat so many we can fill it up quickly. If you need to save them up- freeze them till you need the peels. Once you can fill a jar up with peels then pour in enough vinegar…

Homade Fabric Softener


Another homemade item I worked on this week is homemade fabric softener. Very simple to make. We learned about this too at our church Relief Society night. What a huge savings for this. I doubled the recipe to use 2 bottles of conditioner you need to use. Then filled up a gallon milk jug. Better…

Homemade Laudry Detergent


My Relief Society sisters at church taught us how to do homemade laundry detergent (plus other things I will share later). I was skeptical. We were able to take some home. I used it and loved it. Cleaned so well. It cost me only about 5.00 to make 5 gallons worth of laundry soap.  That…

Exciting stuff coming soon..

Look what we got today!! 45lbs of braeburn apples. They are soooo delicious!! OH MY HECK and soo juicy. Just a bit over 1 bushel of apples.  What to do what to do with all these great apples??? We got them for .37/lb  !! Can you believe it?!?! So make sure you check back over…

Homemade Play Dough

This was very easy to make. My son needed to make a double batch of blue, single batch of green and white for a project they are doing at school. Of course the project is due tomorrow and it is 11:00pm when we started making it.  So I advise to do this at a more…

How to butcher a fresh pumpkin

Cut your pumpkin open and then slice it like you would a cantaloupe. Into slices… Once you cut it into slices use a pairing knife and cut out the strings/seeds as best as you can. Then cut the slice into 2 pieces so you have chunks like you see below. Big chunks are not a…

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