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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Home Decorations 2015

St. Patrick's Day Crafts and Home Decorations 2015

I love decorating for every holiday   Also creating new crafts for the decorating is also alot of fun for me!! This section of my home is pretty new for me this year. I am happy how it turned out. I love green so I had alot of green things already. Canvas banner- I got…

LUCKY – St. Patrick’s Day Board

LUCKY - St. Patrick's Day Board

I wanted something more less traditional for St. Patrick’s day in my home for decorations. My husband took 2 boards off a weathered pallet in my back yard and screwed them together to make me a nice board to work with. I also have horse shoes a friend once gave me for a past party….

St. Patrick’s Day Treat Toppers – Free Printable (great for Visiting Teaching)


I am sorry this is so close to St. Patrick’s day. I just designed this last night for me to go visit my church sisters for Visiting Teaching.  However I created one for regular use as well for all of my readers. I made this tag that will fit on a sandwich size zip top…

St. Patrick’s Day Treats and Shenanigans


My favorite treat I made for family and friends last year comes from Beth Proudfoot – found here Then on St. Patrick’s day- the leprechaun’s left the kids little treats in their shoes – But that is not all he left…… He left quite a mess in the living room. Totally tossed it. The kids…

St. Patrick’s Day Dinner 2011


I forgot that I also didn’t blog about our St. Patrick’s Day dinner last year. Here is a recap of our fun! Yummy lemon bunt cake – recipe here We love this yummy Irish Garlic & Herb Butter –  We find it every year at Publix. YUM Irish Soda Bread Rainbow Fruit Corned beef cooked…

St. Patrick’s Day Fruity Rainbow Treats


  So simple and yummy fruity taste!!! 3 tablespoons butter or margarine 1 package (10 oz., about 40) regular marshmallows – OR – 4 cups miniature marshmallows 6 cups Fruity Pebbles Cereal 1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat. 2. Add Fruity Pebbles…

St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast – Rainbow Waffles


I loved making this last year for the kiddo’s for breakfast. I will admit- it was alot of work. But its a MUST TRY and so very fun!! Rainbow colored food coloring ready…. Mixed up pancake mix into 6 bowls and colored each. You will need more red than you will need purple. Next photo…

St. Patrick’s Day Lunch


I made my kiddo’s a St. Patrick’s day lunch last year. I plan to do the same this year Everything green. Grapes, Pickle, Marshmallows I used food writers to decorate, green fruit roll up, green box of apple juice, and their sandwich I used the food writer on as well. They loved it! I love…

Grilled Corned Beef with Irish Cheddar Sandwich


We actually cooked out corned beef the day before St. Patrick’s day in the slow cooker. You just put the corned beef and all the juice it comes with and any seasonings it comes with in a slow cooker, set to low and cook till it reaches 160 degrees internal temperature. It came out sooo…

Leprechaun Ale – It is Magically Delicious

YUP! My kids were beyond thrilled for this today! Way easy and a big hit with the family! My sister gave me this recipe so I have to say a BIG THANK YOU! I think we will do this every year!! Ingredients- Lime Sherbet Ginger Ale Green Sugar Lime Similar to adding salt to a…

MB’s Lemonade Pound Cake


This is a very easy recipe. It comes from in part from my granny. Then I just changed stuff and added more to my liking. I have made it a few times and thought it was due time to blog about this cake. We always brag about Chad’s creations– maybe I can catch up?  haha….

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