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Earth Day Cupcakes


HAPPY EARTH DAY!! Made cupcakes last night with my kidlets. Nothing major but thought they were cute.  Simply used a boxed cake mix. Divided it in 2 and dyed it blue and green. Then we used both silicone and paper cups. We were trying out the silicone for the 1st time. It was neat to…

Earth Day Water Bottles (File included)


HAPPY EARTH DAY!! One of the things we give our kids every Earth day is a new water bottle. To cut down on the plastic ones that you end up recycling and throwing away. Also saves money in my pocket too! I picked up some cute water bottles for 1.00 at my local Hobby Lobby….

Earth Day Dinner


Be sure to check out our Earth Day category for more ideas and desserts. Last year for Earth Day 2010 we set up our table for Earth Day. And we simply made Chicken with a mushroom sauce, rice and then brushetta with tomato and goat cheese & a tossed salad The decorations were fun.  Saving…

Earth Day 8×10 Printable Freebie


If you haven’t figured it out yet- we love Earth Day at our home. I have 2 prints in my home now- (CLICK HERE FOR POSTER) Here is a fun 8×10 print to share with you. Remember when you get your prints made at your favorite lab to turn off “color correction” That is very…

Earth Day Ornament


Christmas?? NO!!  Earth Day! We had left over plastic ornaments from Christmas and I was staring at them and thought.. OH! These would make great earths if I filled them!! The kids and I separated a bag of chocolate candies. We love to separate colors. We even had some white left from Valentin’s day. Once…

Almost Free Earth Day Bookmarks


Just in case- Earth Day is April 22nd.  We have celebrated this a few years now. And we try to recycle things or make it out of free things etc. I love blue and green together. Of course that reminds me of the Earth as well. Using Paint swatches from my local home improvement store….

Earth Day Craft Crayons


We made some of these for Valentine’s day in many colors, but after I created the Earth Day Poster with the Heart Earth (see other post) It got me to thinking– that heart earth looked like the crayons. So my son and I decided to make some Earth Crayons. We went through our stash of…

Earth Day Poster – Freebie


I created an Earth Day poster.   I just love how it turned out!! WOOHOO!! And adding some earthy things around it. Looking at it makes me happy! We started celebrating Earth Day 2 years ago. And last year we took it up a notch. This year I actually wanted to have a little area…

Dirt for Dessert – Earth Day Treat


For our dessert tonight- we had the infamous dirt and worms.  All kinds of ways to do this dessert, I just chose to put them in glass tumblers with some gummy worms. But in case you have never seen this– Ingredients- 1 bag of Oreo cookies Bag of candy worms Chocolate pudding prepared according to…

Happy Earth Day 2010


We went all out and had a Earth Day party with the kids.   Decorated the house with earth stuff etc. One of the fun things we did was boil eggs, and make them look like planet Earth. Then we stood them up using the top of a soda or water bottle cap. They stood…

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