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Easter decorations made from old fence boards

Easter decorations made from old fence boards

Creating all these pieces listed here– I used the same method from a past post — LUCKY BOARD I wanted something SPRINGY- to have in my home and to keep the true meaning of EASTER in our home. I love the scripture John 3:16 These are all approximately 24 inches long and I cut them…

Easter Egg Display Holder

Easter Egg Display Holder

I had chalkboard eggs that I decorated with my favorite chalk board markers. The Bistro chalk markers are the brightest and goes on the best in my humble opinion. LOVE LOVE THEM!! I wanted a way to display them. We have a rotting fence in the back yard and I am always using the boards…

Cute Picket Fence for Easter – Cheap

Cute Picket Fence for Easter - Cheap

  I was looking through my husband work shed one day and saw his paint sticks he uses for work. I batted my eyelashes and begged for 12 of his sticks. He was confused– but what I saw was something more. They looked like a picket fence to me   Pulled out my favorite blue…

Happy Pi Day! 3.1415926 March 14


March 14th aka 3/14 is Pi Day  π = 3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 I also know Pi is ROUND however I didn’t have time to make a pie for dessert tonight for my kids. So I got the next best thing. A McDonald’s apple pie. Decided to make a little slip cover to go around it to celebrate…

How to grow wheat grass


  Look at all that luscious beautiful grass!!  I love it. And the fact I didn’t kill it- YAY ME! I kill everything that requires a green thumb. SO far so good- but then again. Wheat grass grows so fast- I am only 6 days in Wheat Grass is made from red hard winter wheat….

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