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April Fools Day 2014 – Mixed Up Crazy Lunch

April Fools Day - Mixed Up Crazy Lunch

I hadn’t planned on doing an April Fools lunch for the kids this year however just before bed (night before April Fools) my 14 yr old SON asked if I was going to do a “fun lunch”. I told him NO you are too old and I am getting too old for this However by…

Loving our dehydrator – yummy snacks and seasonings

Loving our dehydrator - yummy snacks and seasonings

Before I talk about why I love this – I just want to say that I have not been paid to talk about our dehydrator. I was not given this dehydrator in exchange for this post. This is just a post I want to talk about what a great product this is and how fun…

DIY Rabbit / Bunny Cage for cheap

DIY Rabbit / Bunny Cage for cheap

This large bunny rabbit cage we did on the cheap. A friend gave my daughter a lion headed bunny rabbit baby for Easter. My hubby went to Target and got a cube kit (2) of them for 24.99 each. If you do not have a Target near you- you can get almost the exact same…

Cranberry Roast – Crockpot Slow Cooker

Cranberry Roast - Crockpot Slow Cookerker

This is a dinner that was so easy and so delicious. I did not come up with this recipe but I have made it a few times and its in our rotation. I love to cook with the slow cooker any chance I can get. You will need 1 envelop of dry onion soup mix…

Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet- Mustache Bash

Another Blue & Gold banquet has come and gone! It was a FUN theme!! Gotta love pinterest and great leaders to put our heads together to make it happen each year! Sharing our Blue & Gold with my readers. This year we had the boys help put together their own invitations. Above is what they…

Creamy Homemade Cheese Grits

Creamy Homemade Cheese Grits

Being from the south- grits is a staple in this house. However, we ususally make the instant grits. My mom’s grits always tasted better! Finally had her show me what she does differently. VERY DIFFERENT.     Using quick grits and a pot I measure out 1/4 cup of grits. That will make enough for…

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