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Brownie & Caramel Milk Shake


It’s summer time in full force here in Central Florida. HOT HOT HOT!! Shakes and Ice cream and Popsicle are a must to keeping cool The kids wanted something different for dessert the other night. I just blurted out- brownie milk shake??  They gave me this look– WHAT??? So I had them help me make…

Orange Crush Soda Cupcakes – Summertime Sweets


I don’t know about you- but for me Orange Soda reminds me of Summertime. Orange Crush and even the orange creamsicles. YUMM!!! My other favorite was the orange sliced candies eaten during the summer.  Available all year round but growing up- going to my grandmothers home in N. Florida- that is when we indulged in…

Easy Kids Summertime T-Shirt- Beach Crab


Summer is here and our 1st project of the summer is a shirt ready to wear to the beach. Cute crab. She is very happy about this shirt because she is a huge spongbob fan. Says her shirt reminds her of Mr. Krabs. I don’t care for the show so I am happy that her…

Thanks A Latte – take 2


The year is wrapping up. Only a few more days. I wanted to redo the “Thanks A Latte” gift. Since my kidlets are with new teachers and I haven’t given this gift to them yet. Starbucks cup, $5.00 gift card, filled it also with kisses and added cute stickers on the bottom of the kisses…

Penguin Smartie Pants Treat (printable)


I just want to state right away this idea is a direct borrow from the blog – it is what it is The idea is SO AMAZINGLY cute I fell in love with it the minute a girlfriend of mine pointed me  to their blog. I knew I had to do this for my kiddlets…

Yummy Blueberry Cupcakes


Feels like summer time here in Central Florida. One of the many favorite flavors of summer is the blueberry. At leas it is for me I love blueberries and every year I get a huge 5 lb bag ordered from the farmer. YUM! Since Chad and I have been in cupcake mode lately we wanted…

4th of July Pillow Case Dress


One of my very 1st dresses I have ever sew was this one last year. I love how it turned out. The little American flags, and used maroon fabric to accent it. Its great to also wear on Memorial and Labor day.  I also sewed it a bit long so she could wear it for…

Earth Day Water Bottles (File included)


HAPPY EARTH DAY!! One of the things we give our kids every Earth day is a new water bottle. To cut down on the plastic ones that you end up recycling and throwing away. Also saves money in my pocket too! I picked up some cute water bottles for 1.00 at my local Hobby Lobby….

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