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Teen Birthday Party – Portal 2 Theme – Portal Party

Teen Birthday Party - Portal 2 Theme |

Prior to this party for my son. I knew VERY LITTLE if anything about the game PORTAL 2. I still have no clue how to play it however I do know how to look all over the internet and also find things in the store and ask my son- SOO how will this relate to…

Chick-fil-a Birthday Party | Eat Mor Chikin

Chick-Fil-A Birthday Party |

So sorry its been so long since my last post. Things around here have been crazy however I am always posting what we are up to on our Facebook page.Β  JOIN US, WILL YOU? I was asked to be a party coordinator for a friend who’s hubby was having a birthday and he had just…

It’s a Cupcake Cupcake

It's a Cupcake Cupcake |

A fun cupcake to make πŸ™‚Β  So simple yet so cute!! Make and Frost (and sprinkle) your favorite cupcake. The mini cupcake is using a mini Peanut Butter Cup candy topped with a small star tip frosted piled high with buttercream and a pearlized candy.Β  It creates the cutest cupcake to top your cupcake with….

Cupcake / Cupcake Wars Birthday Party

Cupcake / Cupcake Wars Birthday Party -

My daughter LOVES cupcake wars TV show on Food Network. Have you ever seen it? If not you are missing out!! πŸ™‚ But this is for a group of kids 9 and under and I didn’t want it to be too competitive. Plus as much as my daughter wanted to have 1st, 2nd , 3rd…

Saving Souls … One Sister at a Time | Visiting Teaching August 2013 | Relief Society

Saving Souls ... One Sister at a Time | Visiting Teaching August 2013 | Relief Society -

I am late in the game. You still have 2.5 days to go see your sweet sisters! HOWEVER this tag is not only good for the August 2013 Visiting Teaching Message it is great ALL YEAR long for Visiting Teaching and Relief Society alike. We are to be saving souls all year round and be…

Cupcake Birthday Invitation \ Cupcake War Birthday

Cupcake Birthday Invitation |

Looks like a gift but its actually my daughter’s 9th birthday invitation πŸ™‚ We bought these cute individual CUPCAKE boxes from Amazon. They were the cheapest we could find. They are perfect for what we planned to do with them. I first hot glued 2 liners together. SO that the colors were nice and bright…

Personalized Baby Sippy Cups

Personalized Baby Sippy Cups |

I found these really adorable sippy cups that are BPA free at the Dollar Tree. They are adorable. I personalized these for my Cousins son for his birthday πŸ™‚ They colors were so vibrant and taking a few extra minutes out of my day made these cute sippy cups every more special. Using my Silhouette…

Superman Cake for a Superhero Dad & Father

Superman Cake for a Superhero Dad & Father |

Father’s Day… I always enjoy this day to celebrate my hubby. We love him 365 days of the year and appreciate him but a day to go even ABOVE and beyond we look forward to it. Made him a feast for a Superhero. All of his favorites. LOTS of meat in the breakfast. He loveeees…

DIY Minecraft Birthday Gifts

DIY Minecraft Birthday Gifts |

My son was invited to a friends birthday. They are both teenagers and wasn’t sure what to give toΒ  a teen as a gift. However when his mom told me he loved Minecraft (as do both my children) I knew exactly what to do. I purchased a shirt at Micheal’s crafts in a lime green.Β …

Will miss you BERRY much – Teacher Gift – End of the year

Miss you Berry much - Teacher Gift - End of school year |

I have seen various plays on this type of basket all over the internet. I did one similar last year – SEE PHOTO HERE But I wanted to make it more personable and I had alot of cute things on hand to incorporate into it. All the really cute things I put into the BERRY…

You are a FOBulous Teacher / Friend – ribbon mini key fobs

I love how this turned out!!Β  I have to GIVE FULL credit to the wonderful blog “She’s Kinda Crafty” I decided to make these for the teachers this year. I wasn’t going to do any sewing projects but when I saw how fast and cute and fun this was. I had to jump on board!!…

Happy Nurse Appreciation Day!

Star Nurse |

I regret posting this so late. I have been out of town for a nice early mother’s day weekend with just the girls in my family. But I got alot of requests while I was gone and wanted to put something up to help those looking for a gift for nurses. I hope you get…

Teacher Appreciation Week – I have the BERRY best teacher!

Berry Best Teacher -

Needed: -Homemade Strawberry Jam -Cupcake liner -Tag I made strawberry jam a few months ago. I knew they would make great gifts and decided my daughter’s teacher would probably appreciate fresh jam. πŸ™‚ I know I would! This was simple to do. I unscrewed the neck and added a cute paper cupcake liner to give…

Teacher Appreciation Week – You’re the apple of our eye! Thank You!

Apple of our eye - Candy - Teacher Appreciation Week |

Needed: -Plastic Apple -Candy -Tag The plastic apple is a “fruit saver” container that was found a few months back at Target. I love to raid the $1.00 section and saw these apples and bought a few of them. Can’t beat a $1.00!! This makes a quick sweet candy gift for that special teacher in…

Teacher Appreciation Week – Thanks for making my school year BRIGHT!

Bright Year - Teacher Appreciation Week |

Needed: -Light bulb jar -Candy -Tag The light bulb jar was found at my local Hobby Lobby. They usually cost approx. $1.47 each however they are on sale 50% off. WOOHOO!! This makes a quick sweet candy gift for that special teacher in you / child’s life. I filled it with my daughters teacher’s favorite…

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