Way Back When Craft – Wood Kitty

I have been crafting for many many years. Even when I was in high school. However this craft isn’t that old. But this one goes back almost 15 years.

I was into scroll saw cutting. My grandma and mom bought me one for my birthday. I still have it. I really need to pull it out and make more great crafts with it.

This was my 1st wood piece ever. Because my grandma helped buy it for me. I made her this wood shelf kitty.

She had a calico named “Heidi” and loved that kitty so much. So I painted this shelf kitty to look like her.


The cat measures approximately 5 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches. It certainly can be made larger.

I simply cut out the kitty with some soft pine wood I had on hand. It is approximately 1 inch thick.  Sanded it very well. Painted it with the colors of her cat. I then sealed it with clear Krylon spray paint. And it is still shiny and bright as the day I made it. 🙂

I was so super proud of making my 1st wood piece. I still am.  Not the best in the world but it meant so much to my grandma. She loved it and proudly displayed the kitty till she passed. I got the kitty back to enjoy in my home now and remind me of my “why back when” craft.

I think I am going to feature just for kicks every once in a while some of my OLDER crafts. Nothing earth shattering but you never know– someone may be inspired by my old crafts. 🙂

So today’s blog post– a “way back when” craft  to share 🙂   Even made my readers a pattern just in case 🙂  They would be perfect gifts for those that are cat lovers.

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