Make Your Own Fresh Peach Jelly

What you will need:
Jelly Jars, Lids  & Rings
Peel Peels and Pits  (usually left over from canning peaches, see our canning peaches post)
Canning Supplies (canner, jar lifter)
Cheese Cloth

This is 7 quarts worth of peach peels and pits. Put them in a pot cover it with water. It is approximately about 6 cups of water to cover it all. Maybe 6 1/2. Then boil it soon as it starts boiling turn it down to simmer for 30 min. After it simmers, put a lid on it, let it sit over night.

Next day.. pour the peels and pits into cheese cloth or old clean rag. Squeeze the tar out of it. HAHAHA You may have to do little at a time. You should get around or just under 6 cups of juice. If you are short, add water (up to 1/2 cup) to get it to 6 cups of juice.

Then with the juice, dump in 2 boxes of pectin (we used sure jell) And start the heat. Get it to a boil till when you stir it constantly the boil still is vigorous. Then put in 6 cups of sugar (have this premeasured out in a bowl waiting cuz you need to get it in right quick). Then stir it constantly. When it returns to a heavy boil, start the clock for 1 minute. Let it boil heavily. Also have a BIG POT. It rises ALOT. I do mean ALOT!!! We learned this yesterday because it boiled over. WHOOOPS. So then at 1 min. get it off the heat.

NOW, before you start making jelly.. in the canner you need to put in your cans in warm tap water, and fill the canner till it just comes about 1/2 inch over the edge with water, yes water will be inside your jars. Bring it to a boil soon as it comes to a boil turn the heat off and let it sit and start your jelly. In a 3rd pot, have your lids boiling for 3 min then turn it off and take em out just before starting the jelly because  making the jelly doesn’t take that long at all. You need to have warm lids and hot jars. Then soon as your jelly starts boiling and you added the sugar, go ahead and take all your jars out , empty the water and put them on the counter, (HOT!!!!!!!!!!) .. so now you have hot jars, hot lids and your jelly is now at 1 min after sugar. Ladle in your jelly into the hot jars. You can use a funnel, fill it up to 1/2 inch or so to the top with jelly. Then remove funnel wipe the edge in case it got jelly on it to be clean and put on the ring. Don’t over tighten it. Once you have all your jars with lids and rings. Put them back into the hot water in the canner. You wont have to add more water to cover it. Lower down into the hot water, get it boiling again! Soon as the water gets boiling , start the clock to 5 min. At 5 min take them out.

Our jelly sealed (POP) about 90 seconds after they came out of the hot water bath. WOOHOOOOOO. So now you leave them out over night to completely cool and set. The pectin says it COULD take up to 2 weeks to set. We’ll see in the morning how long it takes mine to set. But it was setting on the spoon we were stirring with really quickly and tasted SOOOOO GOOD.

They are a nice amber/peach color.


There will be foam, you need to NOT put that in your jar. Spoon the foam off and discard. We got some in the jar. It floats to the top. We just spooned out the foam that floated up before we put the lids on it. 🙂

It really isnt hard. Just have alot of counter space, and have your stuff set up. It went really quickly. TOO EASY. And now we have 5 pints of jelly. That was well worth the $$

2 Responses to Make Your Own Fresh Peach Jelly
  1. Bryce
    September 16, 2012 | 11:35 pm

    I looked at several websites to get a peach jelly recipe. I liked your website, presentation and jelly recipe the best. I’ve already got the peaches and I will try it tomorrow. Thank you.

  2. Lorie B
    July 24, 2013 | 2:54 pm

    I searched for a peach jelly recipe..I just got a 30 pound box of free stone peaches at the farmers market. THANK YOU!! I will let you know how they turned out!! Great was so hard to find just a simple peach jelly recipe!!

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