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Halloween Test Tube Treats – FREE PRINTABLE


Made some fun treats for a class room of 1st graders. That is what being a room mom is all about. Fun treats to bring in. I had test tubes on hand. I purchased them almost a year ago. Have used them on so many other projects. Halloween just seemed to fit perfectly for test…

Teen Birthday Party – Portal 2 Theme – Portal Party

Teen Birthday Party - Portal 2 Theme |

Prior to this party for my son. I knew VERY LITTLE if anything about the game PORTAL 2. I still have no clue how to play it however I do know how to look all over the internet and also find things in the store and ask my son- SOO how will this relate to…

Mint to Teach – Teacher Appreciation Week 2011


Teacher Appreciation week is HERE!!  My favorite week. Here is one of the projects my kids are giving their teachers this week. I used plastic test tubes and mint candies. I already know I am going to get questions about where I got my test tubes. HAVE NO FEAR!! I will show you where I…

Hoppy Easter Bunny Treats


I am so excited to share this with you! I had these test tubes for months now. Waiting for the perfect project for them. I am going to give these out to my girlfriends for Easter treats. LOVE LOVE THEM! I filled the test tubes with smaller sized orange jelly beans. (So that they fit…

Brave Movie Party – Princess Merida & Friends – Scottish Themed Birthday


My little girl turned 8. That’s a big thing in our household   Being 8 is Great!! We originally planned on not having a party. Because she would be Baptized this year. However we had to postpone it for family reasons and it will be in a few months. So we had to do something…

Driving Miss Peeps – Easter Treat


Was playing in the kitchen with the kiddlets tonight and came up with this fun Peeps driving with the top down. The rabbit Peeps are a lot of fun. I have notice they are harder to find than the birds. I am not sure. Maybe because the rabbits are so adorable!! We had lots of…

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