Cute Picket Fence for Easter – Cheap

Cute Picket Fence for Easter - Cheap


I was looking through my husband work shed one day and saw his paint sticks he uses for work. I batted my eyelashes and begged for 12 of his sticks. He was confused– but what I saw was something more. They looked like a picket fence to me 🙂  Pulled out my favorite blue spray paint by Krylon 

I like both Ocean Breeze and Island Splash blues for all my projects.

And sprayed all 12 pieces completely. Only needed 1 coat per side.

Cute Picket Fence for Easter - Cheap



I used 10 pieces along the front and 2 in the back.  I did have to cut off the curved ends of 2 of them on the back of the fence. I spaced it out just using the width of one of the fence boards. Not very accurate but it was the perfect gap I needed.

Cute Picket Fence for Easter - Cheap


I had my hubby get out his staple gun and simply shoot staples into the fence to hold on the boards. And we were done 🙂  It was quite easy and made a cute little background on my piano for Easter. I then flicked brown acrylic to speckle my fence.

LOVE LOVE HOW IT TURNED OUT!!  A project I was able to knock out in a few hours –which made me happy. I am all about instant gratification.

Cute Picket Fence for Easter - Cheap

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