Strawberry Pink Lemonade Cookies – YUM!


I made these a few weeks ago. I really meant to post about them.

They were quite delicious.  What I did do- was read the comments on the blog I got the recipe from- a few mentioned cutting back on the pink lemonade powder. I did that and they were great. I can’t imagine using a full 1/2 cup of mix. Talk about pucker power if I would have done that – hahha

The recipe cam from this blog – EAT AT HOME

We are BIG pink lemonade drinkers at our house so we have this on hand all the time 🙂 So this was perfect to get to use some of it up 🙂



This is what my frosting looked like. I probably only used 2 tbs of water.

My cookies were a bit puffed up… so…

I used my fork to flatten them down while they were hot.  And once cooled- frosted them 🙂

I will definitely make these again. They were so easy!! And yummy and I love the pink color too!!

I even packaged some up to give to a girlfriend for her birthday. (which is the real reason I made them to begin with– but our family enjoyed having the extras too hahah)



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  1. genna
    January 7, 2013 | 6:44 pm

    Hi-I am looking to make these cookies, but I have a question…milk is not listed as an ingredient for the frosting, but it says to add milk. Is it milk or water? Or either? I am new to baking so I need specifics! Thank you!

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