Grilling Oysters

1st of all if you are local- you have to check out they have wonderful seafood- wholesale to the public. We got 1/2 bushel of oysters (fresh- harvested 2 days ago off the coast of Texas) In Orlando area!! 23.00 for 100 of them. That is 4 meals for us!!


Grilling Oysters in their shells are by far the easiest and a very tasty way to eat them. Many friends have not heard of this meathod so we thought we would share.

Ingredients and other items you will need-

Oysters in their shells
Oyster Shucking Knife
High Heat Hot Gloves
Your favorite Crackers (many use saltines we use ritz)
Your favorite cocktail sauce

Grill the oysters. Check to be sure they are closed. If they are open they are bad and need to be thrown away. Oyster are best alive. And if you can’t eat them all right away they must be frozen till you are ready to eat them.

They very in time how long they will cook. As soon as they pop open take them off the grill right away. Try to keep the juices in them. They will cook 7-10 minutes. They steam in their own shells and poach themselves on the grill.


Remove them all- and we enjoy putting 1 oyster on a cracker with a dab of cocktail sauce and a squeeze of lemon on top. 🙂

Even my oldest son- tried it for the 1st time and ate at least 8 himself. He was surprised how delicious they were.

So if you are not up to RAW Oysters– try them on the Grill next time!!

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  1. Monsie
    May 9, 2011 | 10:51 pm

    That’s how I like to eat oysters,grilled in their shells. But I like to eat it raw as well.

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