4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

I love being the room mom for my kiddos. Now that I have one in HS my baby is still in Elementary and I enjoy it and know my years are numbered. I know also to have parties needs to have a bit of an educational twist and that is ok. Doesn’t mean that the parties have to be boring either to learn something.

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

I created this file for “MONSTER MIX MATH” Typed up math problems, the kids then solved the math problems once the page was done they would come up to the table and check their math answers if they were correct they were able to add these items to a paper bag to make a fun trail mix to enjoy at the party.

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party 4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party 4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party 4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party 4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party 4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

I love pinterest so very much. I found these monster mix cards from this website – a girl and a glue gun.

We also did a few other fun activities that were educational. The class is rather large so we broke up into teams and did a rotation every few minutes they would rotate to a new station.

One station they worked on a Halloween Bingo.

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

The game pieces were candy corn/pumpkins. This game I printed off and laminated from – Crazy Little Projects. Free download. LOVE LOVE IT!

Next station was math pumpkins. They had to sort Popsicle sticks and the answers to their math problems written on the sticks got dropped into the small pumpkins.

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

This idea came from The First Grade Parade.

I just didn’t want to mark my pumpkins with the actual answers on them because I may need them for something else and I could peel off the tape and use my pumpkins again for another project.

Last station we did a craft.

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party. 4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

This idea they kiddos could then put on a peel and stick magnet on the back and it became a magnet they could use at home.

Ideas came from 2 places on the internet. I printed off their examples to put on the table so the kids had a general idea what they could make but not limited to.

–Liz On Call

–Angela Sgro Designs

The kids had a fabulous time with all these stations. Then enjoyed a halloween cupcake I had created and a cute goodie bag to take home another mom provided.

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

4th Grade Halloween / Fall Party

This party was easy to do quite honestly. I used the website Sign Up Genius

and the parents in the class went to the website signed up for various items to donate to the party. It also sends a reminder 2 days before (or whatever you set it to) to remind them what they signed up for. Best website ever!

I had a hard time trying to find a party suitable for 4th grade. But with a few tweaks from the above blogs and pinterest saved this room mom alot of time!!

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  1. kimbowest
    February 25, 2015 | 5:31 pm

    turned out so cute!!!

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