April Fool’s Day – Cupcakes for dinner

Can you imagine the look on my kiddlets faces when we served them cupcakes for dinner?!?!  They looked at us all cross eyed.  My kiddlets knew we were cooking dinner and dessert at the same time. So they figured April Fool’s we were going to have dessert 1st, dinner second.

However- they are still wrong.

These cupcakes gave them QUITE the surprise when they bit into them. They actually SPIT THEM OUT!  When you are expecting sweet creamy goodness, and you get salty starchy flavor it can throw you off for a moment.

They looked at us. WHAT IS THIS?!?!

Cupcakes for dinner!

My oldest inspected his dessert and upon slowly proceeding and licking and staring and poking and prodding, he happily exclaimed– THIS IS MASHED POTATOES & MEATLOAF!

On of my kiddlets favorite dinners too. Just not presented the way we normally do.

This is a great and very easy trick to play on your family.

You use your favorite meat loaf recipe, place it in foil lined cupcake liners. Bake it till finished. Usually your recipe will bake in 15 minute or until done. Once it is cooked. You make up a batch of mashed potatoes. Using your mixer to mix it up so it is whipped. Add in food coloring to  hide the look of potatoes. By using a mixer it will take out any of the lumps. Sometimes I will add in a bit of milk to help give it that whipped look to the potatoes.

Ice your meat loaf cupcakes with mashed tator frosting and you have yourself the perfect Cupcakes for dinner!

If you wanted to get creative you could even chop some chives very thin and use them as sprinkles  ton top of the mashed tators to make them even more authentic. 🙂

**One note- when you make your meat loaf cupcakes- you may need to pour off any grease that came to the top of the cupcakes. Depending on what % meat you use. 🙂

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